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The easy to use defense system that buys you time.

MI ProDefend is a two-tiered defense system that offers you, your family, or workplace protection during a break in, active shooter, or other violent event. In these situations that last only minutes, we want to give you the time needed to stay safe until the authorities arrive.

The MI ProDefend defense system instantly triggers a series of events than can save lives and buy you time. The cannister sits on a smart base or in a smart case, and when removed, triggers automatic notifications to first responders so they can be dispatched to your location. It’s also filled with pepper gel that can reach 20+ feet, providing you a form of self-defense.

How Does MI ProDefend Work?


Immediately when the cannister is removed from its base, a loud, 108-decibel alarm alerts anyone nearby of danger. It will also trigger automatic notifications to set contacts like your security monitoring company, friends, family, and neighbors to alert them to the situation.


In addition to your set contacts, the cannister removal also immediately notifies police and first responders to be dispatched to your location. These alerts are instantaneous, so proper safety protocols can be put into action without wasting any time.


The cannister is filled with a hot pepper gel (even hotter than a ghost pepper!) that can shoot 20+ feet, giving you a way to protect yourself against any violent intruder. This provides the safety of time while you wait for help to arrive.

A break-in occurs every 26 seconds in the US.

Don’t Lose Time in a Life-Threatening Situation.

The Tragic Reality

There are 2.5 million burglaries annually in the United States and 66% of these are home invasions. Despite best attempts, these violent events are not decreasing. We’re seeing tragic events like shootings, burglaries, and other violence happening in schools, in workplaces, and in homes. MI ProDefend , available from our partner company MI ProTechs , was designed to give you time to act whenever and wherever tragedy strikes.

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