Expert Security System & Alarm Monitoring

24/7 protection for your home or office by the industry’s best experts and technology.

State-of-the-Art Monitoring & Security You Can Trust

A security system without a professional monitoring center isn’t nearly as effective. Monitoring is an essential part of a successful security system to ensure you have around-the-clock protection by a security team that is there to respond immediately and effectively if an alarm goes off at your home or office. Our highly trained security experts are always on call and ready to help during any emergency, any time. Don’t take a chance on safety, make sure you’re covered – 24/7.

The Latest Technology in Security Monitoring

Michigan Property Protection understands what makes an effective security system. That’s why we trust only the industry’s best when it comes to our security systems, alarm monitoring, and call center. Our Rapid Response security agents work in pods to deliver swift and clear communication between you and call center personnel in the event of a security situation. With access to your system’s video feeds, they have a live view of the ongoing situation, as well as GPS location for the quick and accurate dispatch of rescue teams to the correct location.

Instant, Convenient Alarm Notifications

It’s our job to constantly monitor the security status of your home or office. If an alarm is triggered, we instantly notify you with a convenient text message. Within seconds you can confirm or deny the event to let us know if it is an emergency or if it was accidently tripped. We understand accidental alarms happen, and this makes it easy to cancel the event quickly. In the event of a break-in or other dangerous situation, we are able to immediately jump into action and deploy our emergency response protocols.

Highly Trained Responders, Experts in Emergency Protocol

When it comes to our Rapid Response agents and monitoring center personnel, you can rest easy knowing your home or office is protected by the best. Especially during an emergency, you need a team confident and experienced in taking the appropriate action swiftly and proficiently. Our team is thoroughly trained with the skills to respond during any type of emergency. All of our Rapid Response staff also undergo pre-employment screenings, psychological tests, drug testing, and background checks. Your safety is critical – we provide the team with the experience to offer the assistance you need when every second counts.

Secure Facilities & Call Centers that Never Let you Down

We never rest when it comes to your security. Our central station monitoring center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and utilizes multiple network providers and dual uninterruptible power supply units so there’s never an interruption of power that could compromise your security. Our remote monitoring facilities are the most technologically advanced with bi-coastal communication centers that meet strict standards set by governing agencies in areas such as: response time, staffing and training, automated record keeping, and computerized alarm response procedures. All this ensures we can provide around the clock protection for you and the things you want to keep safe.

Rest Easy Knowing You’re Protected

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your home or office with our security and alarm monitoring. Enjoy peace of mind and around-the-clock protection by a team of experts. Contact us today to ensure your home is always protected.

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